Here's What Makes Your Dog Extra Special

In our eyes, our pet dogs are always very special, not just because they are ours, but because they have a unique set of qualities. Certain breeds have unique needsand as pet owners, you have the responsibility of making sure that you’re able to care and love them in the best possible way.

Large and Small Breeds

Dog breeds differ in size, height, and weight. Smaller dogs have more energy than larger breeds, which is why they need extra calories. While large dogs will tend to eat more than smaller dogs, their nutritional requirements should support bone, joint, and muscle health, altogether.

Lifestyle and Environment

The size of your pet dogs also determines their lifestyle and routine. Smaller breeds are commonly known as the best couch potato companions and are most suitable indoors. Meanwhile, large dogs require bigger living spaces, because of the mass they occupy. As an owner of a big dog, you must give your pet ample space for it to move, run, and play.

Some dogs are very enthusiastic in nature and require more physical exercise, while there are breeds who easily get tired, and can’t exert that much effort (of course, less-strenuous exercises are still encouraged!)

Boxers are playful, full of life, and never hold back. These dogs need a diet that support their innate characteristics.

The Bichon Frise is a small and energetic dog. But because it’s an indoor dog, it has a tendency to put on some weight, so daily exercise is necessary.

On the other hand, the English Bulldog is the complete opposite. Known to be less active than the other breeds, it’s essential that owners don’t overfeed their Bulldogs.

Looking for a breed that’s more athletic? The Jack Russel Terrier is both tenacious and intelligent, and can match owners with more active lifestyles.

Owners of the Cavalier King Charles know that this breed is intelligent and charming, but it is also prone to a heart disease called mitral endocardiosis—so it’s important that it is given a diet that helps support good cardiac function.

If you’re looking for companionship, the Cocker Spaniel would be a good breed for you. Its soft coat and big beautiful ears demand regular care, so a diet packed with antioxidants and Vitamin A would be ideal. The same could be said for the Maltese to keep its white coat smooth and healthy; the Miniature Schnauzer, which needs regular grooming because of its steely coat, and the West Highland White Terrier whose coat needs special care, too!

Skin and Coat Type

Pet dogs vary in coat type, each with different characteristics. For most dogs, they either shed regularly, or their fur grows continuously. In order to keep your pet dog’s coat healthy, it needs to eat a balanced diet.

Royal Canin’s BHN variants help support the skin’s “barrier” role with its exclusive complex. While the EPA & DHA, and vitamin A help maintain the skin’s health and nourish the coat. BHN is also enriched with borage oil which is an essential fatty acid that can help dogs with many skin problems.

Here's What Makes Your Dog Extra Special

Understanding Your Pet's Diet and Other Needs

How much do you really know about your pet? You might know its breed, its birthday, or maybe you’ve gotten to the point where you know which toy is its favorite. But getting to know your dog or cat is more than just remembering some facts. In order for owners to successfully raise a healthy and happy pet, it is essential to understand its individual needs when it comes to nutrition. Trust us, they’ll love you for it!

Every animal has a unique set of nutritional requirements that depends on factors such as breed, age, lifestyle, activity, and environment. A good first step to understanding your pet’s needs is to familiarize yourself with some important factors that affect your pet’s digestive health.

Tailored Nutrition for The Pure Breed

This year, Royal Canin finally launches BHN (Breed Health Nutrition) and FBN (Feline Breed Nutrition) wet and dry products in the country. These products cater to the different dietary needs of cat and dog breeds to support their optimal health.

For small breed puppies, the development of body fat begins just after weaning. Overfeeding during growth can multiply their fat storage cells, making them at risk for obesity later on in life. Small breed puppies also have a much smaller jaw. This is true for breeds like Chihuahuas, for whom we recommend the ROYAL CANIN® Chihuahua Puppy, as it is a tailor-made kibble— making it easier for your puppy to pick up and chew. For Daschund puppies, we recommend a diet of ROYAL CANIN® Dachshund Puppy, which provides support for your puppy’s bones and maintaining joint health.

Even as adults, every dog breed has their specific nutritional needs. For instance, ROYAL CANIN® Yorkshire Terrier Adult and ROYAL CANIN® Poodle Adult are enriched with adapted content of Omega 3 fatty acids, Omega 6 fatty acids, borage oil and biotin that helps your dog maintain health for their long or woolly coat.

Similarly, cats and kittens also have specific needs based on their breed and age. For large cats like the Maine Coon, we recommend ROYAL CANIN® Maine Coon Adult which provides support and ensures general health of its joints.

For our British Shorthair friends who have a sturdy, heavy and muscular body, ROYAL CANIN® British Shorthair Adult contains a good balance of protein and fat.

The Benefits of Mix Feeding

Your pet’s food is differentiated by its water content: dry or wet. Each one has its own pros and cons, and a combination diet of both is a great approach to feeding your pets. While dry food contains more nutrients and calories than wet food, wet food should be treated as more than just a treat. It provides the optimal balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, while also boosting hydration and limiting their weight gain.

For dogs, combining the two can be a more pleasurable experience for them, as wet food enhances the palatability of dry food while adding the novelty of differing textures.

Each component of your pet's food plays a significant role in supporting their digestive health and their overall well-being. Promptly and properly determining their unique needs is key to both a contented pet and a confident owner.

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Health is the difference

Since 1968, we have studied the unique health needs of cats and dogs in the minutest of detail. Over that time, we have learnt that the smallest nutritional difference can make a huge difference to your pet’s life and health.

What is tailored nutrition?

Each individual recipe is formulated to deliver the exact level of natural antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, prebiotics, and minerals that are essential to your pet’s unique health needs.

Tailored for every health need

The individual health of every cat and dog is as unique as they are. However, these health needs are often characteristic of their size, breed or lifestyle. Discover how our nutrition ranges can help every pet enjoy its best health possible.

Dog Ranges

Different Breeds. Different Nutrition.

Tailored nutrition for pure-breed dogs

At Royal Canin, we believe that every dog is unique. We research breed-specific traits and combine scientific and nutritional research from our network of experts to create precise nutrition for your dog.

Breed Health Nutrition® features high-quality protein sources, unique nutrients, and designed with specific shape, size and texture for each dog’s facial and jaw structures and biting patterns.



Give your puppy the best start to life

Royal Canin has developed a range of dog food formulas to support your puppy's growth and development.

Puppy food and nutrition

Our puppy food formulas bridge a critical nutritional gap, providing the most comprehensive solution for the well-being of the mother from gestation through birth and lactation, and the puppy for life. We recognize the need to address the nutritional requirements of pregnant and lactating mother dogs and their weaning puppies, which is why we introduced the first line of Birth and Growth formulations that offer precise nutrition to mothers and puppies from gestation to growth.

Feeding puppies

A quality puppy food targeting growth should be suited to the type of dog, according to the size of his breed and his age, his sensitivities, or the particular features of his breed. Your puppy should be given up to four meals a day in the weeks following weaning.

The number of meals will vary depending on age, starting with four meals a day, before transitioning to three, and then to two at mid-growth. Always give your puppy food in the same bowl, in the same place to teach good eating habits. It's also very important to transition your puppy slowly when you change your puppy's diet.

Cat Ranges

Give your kitten the best start in life

Royal Canin has developed a range of cat food formulas to support your kitten's growth and development.

Nutritionally support growth & development in kittens

Kitten nutrition is designed specifically to provide maximum support during the first weeks of life, but cats' needs change as they grow older. At four to five weeks of age kittens can be given solid food. After the second set of teeth has come through, the nutrients essential to a kitten's growth remain the same until one year old.

Feeding kittens

Follow the guidelines recommended on the packaging of your cat food for feeding your kitten. Avoid feeding your kitten anything other than kitten food, and make sure there is always fresh water available.

Kitten food should also contain all the vitamins and minerals needed for proper skeletal development, as well as antioxidants capable of supporting natural defenses and EPA and DHA for proper central nervous system development.



Different Breeds. Different Nutrition.

Tailored nutrition for pure-breed cats

At Royal Canin, we believe that every cat is unique. We study breed-specific traits and work with a network of nutrition and veterinary experts to create precise formulas made just for your purebred cat. From facial and jaw structure to skin and coat type, we consider every detail so your cat can be her most magnificent self.